NEXA Mortgage Revenue Share Explained – EVERYTHING You Must Know
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Published on May 31, 2023

NEXA Mortgage Revenue Share Explained – EVERYTHING You Must Know

Are you a Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) looking to understand the intricacies of NEXA Mortgage’s revenue share and compensation plan? This comprehensive video by a seasoned NEXA MLO provides a deep dive into how the plan can help you treat your business as if you owned a brokerage, minus the hefty expenses.

The NEXA Mortgage Revenue Share Model

The video begins by comparing NEXA’s revenue share model to that of EXP Realty, highlighting three significant differences that favor NEXA’s approach:

  1. Depth of Revenue Share: NEXA’s model goes three levels deep, as opposed to EXP’s seven, but with nuances that could be more beneficial.
  2. Monthly Cap Resets: Unlike EXP’s annual cap, NEXA resets monthly, offering 12 opportunities for revenue share in a year.
  3. Potential Earnings: A top-producing MLO capping out at NEXA could be worth significantly more over a decade than at EXP due to the monthly resets.

The Importance of the Right Sponsor

Choosing the right sponsor when joining NEXA is crucial. A good sponsor will support you in growing your business and downline, which is essential for maximizing the revenue share program. The video emphasizes the importance of building a strong first downline to unlock further levels and increase potential earnings.

The Passive Income Calculator

NEXA provides a Passive Income Calculator to help MLOs project their revenue share earnings. The calculator demonstrates the impact of having producers in your downline and how it can significantly boost your monthly income. For instance, just one producer averaging $1.5 million a month in production could mean $18,000 a year for you.

Building Exponential Wealth

The video stresses that understanding and leveraging the revenue share model is key to building exponential wealth at NEXA. It’s not just about closing loans; it’s about building a downline that will provide a steady income stream.

Exit Strategy and Legacy

One of the most compelling aspects of NEXA’s model is the exit strategy it provides. Unlike traditional mortgage companies where your income ceases upon retirement, NEXA allows you to retain your revenue share indefinitely. Moreover, the revenue share is willable, meaning it can provide financial security for your family even after you pass away.


The video concludes with a call to action for MLOs considering NEXA. It invites them to reach out for a one-on-one consultation to explore if NEXA is the right fit for their business aspirations. With the potential for substantial passive income and a secure exit strategy, NEXA’s revenue share model is presented as an attractive option for MLOs looking to grow their business and secure their financial future.

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