NEXA Mortgage Commission Explained: Unlocking the Potential of Nexa’s 4-Way Compensation Model
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Published on May 25, 2023

NEXA Mortgage Commission Explained: Unlocking the Potential of Nexa’s 4-Way Compensation Model

Are you a self-producing Mortgage Loan Originator looking for a change in brokerages? If so, you’re in for a treat! In this blog post, we’ll dive into the complete details of NEXA Mortgage’s commission structure, featuring a revolutionary 4-way Compensation Plan. Prepare to be empowered with daily payouts, higher commissions, and the opportunity to participate in a lucrative Revenue Share Program. Whether you’re curious about joining NEXA or simply want to learn about their unique compensation model, keep reading to uncover the exciting possibilities that await you.

1. Understanding the Base Commission The first layer of NEXA Mortgage’s compensation plan is the Base Commission. It all starts with selecting a margin applied to your lender-paid compensation deals. While you have the flexibility to choose different margins, it’s recommended to opt for 275 basis points, granting you 220 basis points. With this competitive rate, your commissions can significantly increase, especially when closing larger loan amounts.

2. Unveiling the Bonus Commission NEXA Mortgage rewards hard work and dedication with the Bonus Commission. Once you hit $3 million in funded volume per month, you’ll receive a 100% commission on everything beyond that threshold. This bonus structure motivates Mortgage Loan Originators to exceed their targets, and the potential for increased earnings is substantial. So, the sky’s the limit when it comes to achieving higher commissions!

3. The NEXA Partnership Compensation Plan Taking their commitment to growth and recognition a step further, NEXA introduces the Partnership Compensation Plan. When you’ve introduced 10 Originators producing at NEXA, you become eligible for the Partnership Compensation Plan. This means you get a 100% commission starting at $2 million in production instead of waiting to hit $3 million. This incentive encourages Mortgage Loan Originators to contribute to the company’s success by bringing in top-performing Originators.

4. Revenue Share Program – A Lucrative Opportunity Are you interested in building a business within a business? NEXA Mortgage offers an enticing Revenue Share Program where you can grow your team nationwide without the management overhead. By introducing other Originators to NEXA, you can earn a portion of their commissions, creating a powerful source of passive income. As you develop your downline and help others succeed, your Revenue Share can grow significantly.

5. Daily Payouts – A Unique Advantage Gone are the days of waiting for weeks to receive your commissions. NEXA Mortgage pays you daily, treating you like a realtor, ensuring you get your hard-earned money promptly. After verifying that your loan is closed, you’ll receive your funds in your bank account within 24 to 48 hours. This efficient and hassle-free process sets NEXA apart from traditional brokerages.

Conclusion – Joining NEXA Mortgage: Your Path to Success If you’re a self-producing Mortgage Loan Originator seeking a new opportunity with substantial rewards, NEXA Mortgage is calling your name. With its 4-way Compensation Model and Revenue Share Program, you have the potential to elevate your career and secure your financial future. Whether you’re intrigued by the Base and Bonus Commissions, the Partnership Compensation Plan, or the allure of daily payouts, NEXA Mortgage presents an attractive proposition for ambitious Originators.

To explore more about how NEXA’s compensation structure can benefit you and discover what sets our team apart in helping you grow your business and Revenue Share, reach out to us today. Let’s set up a one-on-one Zoom call, and together, we’ll determine if NEXA Mortgage is your gateway to unmatched success in the mortgage industry. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to change your career trajectory with NEXA Mortgage!

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