NEXA Mortgage: A Launchpad for New Loan Originators
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Published on September 16, 2023

NEXA Mortgage: A Launchpad for New Loan Originators

Are you a new loan originator looking for the right place to kickstart your career? NEXA Mortgage might just be the platform you need. In a detailed video by Paul Dunn, a seasoned loan originator at NEXA Mortgage, he discusses why NEXA is an excellent choice for beginners in the mortgage industry.

NEXA Mortgage Academy: Your Fast Track to Success

The NEXA Mortgage Academy is a standout feature for newbies. It’s designed to compress two years of on-the-job learning into a six-month intensive program. With over 20 expert instructors, the Academy covers everything from business development to loan structuring and lender selection. It’s a mandatory step for new LOs at NEXA, ensuring you’re not just qualified, but truly ready to excel.

2020 Vision Coaching & NEXA Mortgage Training

NEXA’s partnership with 2020 Vision for Success Coaching is a game-changer. It offers a custom dashboard for tracking progress and over 300 hours of coaching recordings. Topics range from social media marketing to real estate partnerships, all aimed at making you a highly productive loan originator.

Support System and Weekly Live Classes

The support system at NEXA is robust, with instructors available 13 hours a day, five days a week, and even on Saturdays. Graduates continue to receive support through easy-to-access coaching via the LOS system. Plus, with over 50 live training classes weekly, you’re never short on learning opportunities.

Compensation: Earning Potential for New Loan Originators

While in the Academy, you can earn up to 150 basis points, which can increase to 220 after graduation, with potential peaks at 275. The “Why NEXA” workshop on Friday afternoons is the perfect place to get a detailed breakdown of the compensation structure.

Conclusion: Is NEXA Mortgage Right for You?

Paul Dunn’s video is a treasure trove of insights for any new loan originator considering NEXA Mortgage. With a beginner-friendly environment, extensive training, and a supportive community, NEXA positions you for success.

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