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Paul Dunn

Certified Mortgage Advisor

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It’s Paul Dunn here in beautiful Tucson Arizona.
How’d we end up in Arizona?  Glad you asked!
It all started in Seattle in the early ’90’s!  I owned a mortgage brokerage AND a Wholesale Mortgage Company supplying funds to brokers all across the country.  I built the relationships, found the products and Darci funded the loans!  No wonder she’s one of the top producing REALTORS® in all of Arizona if not the country.. she understands the financial side of home buying and selling…
Back to how we ended up in the Old Pueblo…
In February 2006 we visited my parents, who live in Saddlebrooke, and as you can imagine it was 75… it was sunny… there was maybe one cloud… and the Cacti all were flowering!
Meanwhile, in Seattle we hadn’t seen the sun in what felt like ten years!
So when we got back to Seattle, we put the house up for sale and high tailed it to Tucson and HAVEN’T looked back!  LOVE IT HERE!
I was doing mortgages for another company in town, then one of my friends showed me the NEXA Mortgage business model and it immediately made perfect sense to me. Very similar to our eXp Realty business model in that it’s cloud based, we have access to support pretty much 24/7 and have more tools (I believe) than any other mortgage brokerage out there.
So in December 2021 I hung my mortgage license at NEXA Mortgage and couldn’t be happier.
By the way, if you’re an originator and are any good at all… give me a call.  This model needs to be shared with originators everywhere.
I believe NEXA is the fastest growing mortgage broker in the country for several reasons, and the end result is a better experience for our customers AND employees!
It would be a pleasure for me to have an opportunity to earn your business and your referrals!

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