Why NEXA Mortgage is the Fastest Growing Mortgage Broker in the Country
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Published on June 17, 2023

Why NEXA Mortgage is the Fastest Growing Mortgage Broker in the Country

Blog Post: Why Mortgage Loan Originators are Choosing NEXA Mortgage

In the competitive world of mortgage lending, Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs) are constantly on the lookout for opportunities that can enhance their careers, provide better service to their clients, and increase their earnings. NEXA Mortgage has emerged as a popular choice for many MLOs, and in a recent YouTube video, Paul Dunn of NEXA Mortgage explains why.

The NEXA Advantage

Paul Dunn outlines several compelling reasons why MLOs are making the switch to NEXA Mortgage:

  1. Vast Program Selection and Competitive Rates: With over 200 wholesale and niche lenders competing for business, NEXA offers a plethora of loan programs and fantastic rates, often beating out competitors and enabling MLOs to serve a wider range of clients.
  2. Choice of Contract Processors: Unlike traditional setups where MLOs are assigned processors, NEXA allows MLOs to choose from about 500 contract processors. This flexibility ensures that MLOs can work with processors who match their standards and work style.
  3. Flexible Compensation Models: NEXA provides the ability to switch between lender-paid and borrower-paid compensation, allowing MLOs to adjust their rates and fees to be competitive in various deal scenarios.
  4. Brokerage Within a Brokerage: MLOs at NEXA can build their own teams across state lines without the overhead of starting a brokerage. This unique model lets MLOs focus on recruiting and growing their business without the usual hassles.
  5. Strong Community Support: A robust internal community of over 2,200 MLOs offers a platform for sharing success stories, marketing strategies, and solutions to loan-related issues, fostering a collaborative environment.
  6. Accessibility of Leadership: NEXA’s leadership, including high producers and company founders, are approachable and available for discussions, reflecting the company’s supportive culture.
  7. Fast Payment Process: Emulating the real estate model, NEXA ensures MLOs get paid quickly after closing a deal, typically within 24-48 hours, which is a significant advantage over traditional payment cycles.

Building a Legacy with NEXA

The video emphasizes that joining NEXA Mortgage is not just about immediate benefits but also about building a long-term legacy. The innovative structure allows MLOs to grow their business and team, creating a sustainable and scalable operation.


For MLOs considering a change, NEXA Mortgage presents a compelling case. With its wide range of programs, flexible compensation, and strong support system, it’s positioned as an attractive option for those looking to elevate their mortgage lending career. Paul Dunn invites anyone interested to reach out for a one-on-one discussion to explore what NEXA can offer.

For more information or to discuss joining NEXA Mortgage, interested MLOs can contact Paul directly through the provided contact options.

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